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This product simply replaces the circular grip, the K Grip’s edge is to be fitted to the putter in line with the shaft to the club face edge. The players grip or hand placement does not change, your left arm is square to the target naturally as you are slightly open to the target.

The nature of this patented product was inspired and taken from the game of hurling to increase and grow golf, with all its control, definition, power, and accuracy applied to the science of golf resulting in a natural game and stress free. The K Grip feels right in the human hand to suit the distal and medical phalanges of the hand and gave instant results bettering my theory. If hurling had a circular grip the game would crash overnight. Placing the K Grip to suit golf may do the opposite.

Too many players are losing interest in the game of golf and the reasons are not their fault as golf needs to change for the greater good.

The game of hurling originates from Ireland and is known as the fastest game in the world and is extremely accurate, consistent, and comes with great power when controlling any shot short or long. The Hurley allows through its shape of grip the ability for the player to run, while the ball is in the air and make a perfectly executed shot as far as the ball can be carried. In simple terms the shape of the K Grip is oval and represents the hurling grip, this is to replace the existing circular grip on the golf clubs and putters we know today, and the reasons are scientifically proven in awareness.


Benefits of the K Grip.

Benefits of the K grip as seen in hurling are the results of a natural slightly open to the target approach when making a shot/stroke. as every shot is created naturally from the inside to out swing pattern. The K Grip is designed for both short game and long due to its deliberate design. Many years ago, I played hurling and golf and found golf tells you how to play your game and is inconsistent, where as hurling is the total opposite.

Hurling is a natural way of movement as every person is different to his/her own individual arc or swing pattern. Hurling – fast movement, the ball is in the air, and you are running at the same time yet because of the shape of the grip you are able to position that ball on impact to any area you choose with precise accuracy with little effort due to the distal and medical phalanges of the human hand which fills the fingers and palm with comfort, control and awareness with no loss of space by marrying the two sports (The Hurley shape grip to replace the golf shape grip)

Golf – A sport you must check your self off first before you make a shot, standing in one spot, checking your grip, stance etc. and being square to the target golf tells you how to play your game. In golf you have all the time you need, standing still, and can not make the same shot twice or find it difficult to repeat the same shot, even the best do this so please do not feel bad its not your fault.

As the body has a natural swing from inside to out which works best in hurling and now with the K Grip on your side you can play your game of golf. If you conform to the circular grip in golf you set yourself up for inconsistency If you wish to take control of your game please choose a natural game with the K Grip and try it for yourself, you deserve a good enjoyable game. With reviews that are supporting this to benefit the game greatly I think this may be the way forward for golfing numbers to grow and have the golfing community experience a new game.

I am taking no credit for patenting this product as the K Grip is simple science applied to golf and I am shocked to find golf itself has not changed or has not caught on to this so far. The K Grip so far is only conforming to be ruled as putter use. Therefore can be played in professional tours and competitions. However, I expect the golfing community to express their values in the grip by using it for their game however they feel, be it irons, woods or putters.